What Sun Protection Factor (SPF) does Window Film Provide?

Think you’re safe from the sun’s harmful rays while inside a building? Au contraire! Sunlight through unfiltered glass can be just as damaging as a day at the beach. What sun Protection Factor (SPF) does window film provide? Find out here how window film can provide solar protection. Anyone who’s ever been poolside and slathered on …

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how long will window film last

How Long Will Window Film Last?

Window film can solve an array of issues for homeowners. From excessive heat gain and glare to energy savings and added security. However, people justifiably wonder, “How long will window film last and continue to maintain its performance?” Manufacturer’s Warranty If you select a quality, professionally installed window film from a reputable manufacturer, it will …

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DIY window tint

Can I Tint My Windows Myself?

Homeowners experiencing excessive heat gain and annoying glare shining through their homes’ windows often consider window film an obvious solution. “Can I tint my windows myself?” Well, the decision to hire a professional or install the window film themselves leaves some homeowners feeling confused and overwhelmed. Window film is available at most home improvement stores …

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Learn the lingo

Understanding specific terms relating to window film can be somewhat daunting. This article will help you speak the lingo like a pro! In doing a quick count of window film-related terms, I’ve counted over 120 separate ones. That is a lot for anyone to understand and explain fully! However, there are just a few key …

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What is light pollution?

Light pollution refers to excessive or improper artificial outdoor lighting that interferes with night and day’s natural rhythm. Too much light pollution interrupts the natural lighting process. It can have many significant consequences, including increased energy consumption, disruption of ecosystems, adverse health effects on flora and fauna (including humans), and interrupting human activities such as …

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